iPadOS 17.5 references an unexpected new iPad feature as new models loom

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It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for the new iPads, but they should be showing up in the next few weeks. And when they do, there’s a good chance they’ll be running iPadOS 17.5 with at least one new feature that has been on the iPhone for years.

According to MacRumors contributors Steve Moser and Aaron Perris, the first iPadOS 17.5 beta contains numerous references to Battery Health, a feature that is currently limited to the iPhone. Among the strings unearthed in the code are references to battery capacity, cycles, and lifespan, including:

“iPad must be regularly used while not connected to power to show maximum capacity.”

“This is the number of times iPad has used your battery’s capacity.”

“The iPad battery is performing as expected.”

“iPad batteries, like all rechargeable batteries, have a limited lifespan and may eventually need to be serviced or replaced.”

“The original battery was designed to retain X capacity at X cycles under ideal conditions. Actual battery performance depends on a number of variables, including how iPad is used and charged regularly. The one-year warranty includes service for defective batteries in addition to rights provided under local consumer laws.”

These are all similar to messages in the Battery Health tab in the iPhone settings, which was added in iOS 11.3 in 2018. Of course, just because something is hidden in the code doesn’t actually mean it will ship, but it’s a good indication that Apple is nearing the release of the feature.

We expect iPadOS 17.5 to launch in late April or early May–right around the time Apple is expected to ship the new iPad Air and iPad Pro.


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