macOS Sonoma compatibility: The Macs that run macOS 14

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With macOS Sonoma, Apple is adding a host of great new features like desktop widgets, new video conferencing features, Game Mode, new privacy and security features, and much more. But if your Mac is older than five years old, you probably won’t even be able to run it.

Apple ended support for a lot of older Macs with the update to macOS Ventura, and with Sonoma, a few of the 2017 models are on the chopping block. Find out the latest version of macOS your Mac can run in our separate macOS compatibility guide.

Mac’s compatible with macOS Sonoma

These are the Macs on which you’ll be able to run macOS Sonoma.

iMac from 2019 and later

Mac Pro from 2019 and later

iMac Pro from 2017

Mac Studio from 2022 and later

MacBook Air from 2018 and later

Mac mini from 2018 and later

MacBook Pro from 2018 and later

The list is very similar to that for macOS Ventura, but while that version supported iMacs and MacBooks from 2017, only the iMac Pro from that year is supported by macOS Sonoma.

Some macOS Sonoma features require newer Macs

While the list of Macs supported by macOS Sonoma extends back five years, a few features require newer hardware. The Presenter Overlay video conferencing feature requires a Mac with Apple Silicon. Hand reactions requires using either the built-in camera on a Mac with Apple Silicon, or any Mac when using Continuity Camera with an iPhone 12 or later.

Macs that won’t run macOS Sonoma

Ventura supports the following Macs that macOS Sonoma doesn’t:

iMac 2017

MacBook models from 2017

MacBook Pro models from 2017

Apple is likely to continue to support these Macs in the form of security updates to Ventura for a little while longer. The company usually provides support for the past three versions of the Mac operating system. See: How long does Apple support Macs. That would indicate that these Macs will lose support in the next two or so years though so it would be wise to update them before that time.


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