Pitaka MagEZ Slider 2 review: Mighty modular

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With its modular design, the MagEZ Slider 2 stands out clearly from the competitors. It has a removable power bank and can charge an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch at the same time.

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Pitaka takes a modular approach with its MagEZ Slider 2 charging station. It is a MagSafe-compatible charging station, with a charger that’s also a removeable 4000mAh power bank that you can take with you. 

But it goes even further with the intelligent design–namely on the back, where there’s another wireless charging area for AirPod cases. Once a little shelf is attached, you can place an AirPods case on it and it will charge. On the side is a USB-C port for charging; Pitaka offers the MagEZ Slider 2 with a USB-C charging pad for an Apple Watch for an extra charge. But you can plug in any USB-C cable or use the USB-C Apple Watch charger that comes with the Apple Watch.

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It has a rotating base, so you face the station in any direction without twisting up the power cable. The base can also be locked if you want it to stay facing a certain direction. And the MagEZ Slider 2 has very compact dimensions, taking up only 7.5 by 7.5 cm of table space. 

In 30 minutes, the MagEZ Slider 2 charged an empty iPhone 15 battery via MagSafe to 76 percent. An Apple Watch 7 increased its battery life by 24 percent.

Thomas Bergbold

Should you buy the MagEZ Slider 2?

The modular design clearly sets the MagEZ Slider 2 apart from the competitors. The removable power bank is a nice touch–you don’t have to sit around and wait for your iPhone to charge; you can take it with you. It can serve has just an iPhone charger, but you can also use it to charge an Apple Watch and AirPods, too.

This article originally appeared on Macwelt and was translated by Roman Loyola.

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