Report: The iPhone 16’s wild new Capture button will respond to swipes and pressure

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According to a report from The Information, Apple is planning to add a new Capture Button to all iPhone 16 models. We’ve written about that possibility before (along with new camera orientation for some models), but this new report gives some information about how it will work.

Located on the same side as the power button (the right, when looking at the screen held upright) but positioned lower, the button is meant to be used with the index finger of your right hand when the phone is held in landscape position to take photos or videos. In other words, it mimics the feel of a shutter button on a traditional camera.

The button will be mechanical and move when depressed just like current iPhone buttons, rather than the solid-state like the MacBook trackpad, but it will be touch- and pressure-sensitive. Swiping left and right on the button will allow you to zoom in and out without touching the screen and while keeping both hands holding the phone steady. You’ll also be able to lock in focus with a half-press, and then press fully to trigger the shutter (which is a common feature of traditional camera shutters).

The report says that, outside of the Capture Button, there will be no physical differences to distinguish the iPhone 16 models from the iPhone 15s, but that the iPhone 16 Pro models will get slightly bigger than their iPhone 15 counterparts.

The iPhone 16 will launch this fall, likely debuting an event in early September. You can follow along with all of the rumors in our comprehensive iPhone 16 rumor roundup.


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