The first beta of macOS 14.5 is here at long last

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Nearly four weeks after Apple released macOS Sonoma 14.4 to all users, the first beta for version 14.5 has arrived for developers, with public beta testers to follow. The full version will likely arrive for all users in late April or early May.

macOS 14.5: New features

As there are no already-announced macOS 14 features yet to arrive, it’s not clear what, if anything, is new in the 14.5 update. The last update brought new emojis with other undisclosed bug fixes and security upgrades. Additionally, Apple’s developer site lists no release notes for the update. We’ll update this section if any new features are discovered.

macOS 14.5: Bug fixes and security updates

The macOS Sonoma 14.4 update arrived with a series of bugs that have already been fixed in a 14.4.1 update. Apple doesn’t divulge any security patches before the latest version is released to the general public, but there are sure to be several important updates.

macOS 14.5: How to install the update

To install the beta on your Mac as a developer, first sign up for a developer account. Once you’re registered, follow these instructions:

Go to System Settings on your Mac.

Go to the General tab, then Software Update.

You should see two options: Automatic Updates and Beta Updates. Click on the “I” symbol beside Beta Updates. 

You can now turn on Beta Updates (if they weren’t already on). 

Choose the macOS 14.5 beta. 

If your developer account is tied to a different Apple ID to your usual one you can change that here. 

Click Done. 

Now your Mac will Check for updates and show the latest Sonoma Developer Beta as an upgrade. Click on Upgrade Now. 


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